Camping Survival Tips

by Keith

What if you are just starting out Survival Prepping? What if you have been prepping for a while, but don’t know whether you have the most important essentials? What if you were handed $200 or $300 to go out and get what you need now? Here are 10 urgent essentials you need to have to be ready for Survival.

  1. Water

Do you have enough water? For how long? Weeks? Months? You need to determine how much water you need for each person for an absolute minimum of two weeks. Fortunately, water is fairly cheap. In fact, you can even go to Walmart and buy four or five 5-gallon water jugs and fill them with tap water to increase your supply.

  1. Rice

Food is the first thing anyone thinks about when they think of prepping, but what food? You need foods that are inexpensive, that you can buy in bulk, and that is nutritious and will store for the long-term. Rice is perfect. You can grab a 20-pound bag for a decent price and store it away. Most people get white rice, which has a longer shelf-life, but brown rice is more nutritious, so you need to decide what works best for you.

  1. Beans

Just like rice, dried beans are an ideal food to store away for hard times. They have an incredibly long shelf-life and provide you with protein and other important nutrients. You can get 5-pound bags of various types of beans, whatever you fancy. There are pinto beans, navy beans, kidney beans, chick peas, and so many other types. Other types of dried foods are good, too, such as oats and wheat and corn flour.

  1. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is such a great prepper food. There are 6,000 calories in a large jar of peanut butter and it has a shelf-life of two years. But since it’s a staple in many households, it is easy to rotate your stock of peanut butter and always have it on hand for emergencies. Get at least two 40-ounce jars.

  1. Honey

Honey is another must. In fact, it is the perfect prepper food because it has an indefinite shelf-life. Honey will not go bad—ever! Plus, it has so many benefits, including:

  • Antibacterial and antifungal properties
  • Nutrition
  • Sweetener
  • Aids the healing of burns and wounds
  • Acts as a probiotic
  • Improves the immune system
  • Decreases inflammation in the throat

Honey is a miracle substance that will be welcome when the world goes sideways.

  1. Salt

Who can live without salt, especially if you are eating a lot of rice and beans? But salt is so much more than just a seasoning; it also preserves food, replaces sodium the body loses through sweating, helps heal wounds, and can repel pests such as ants. It also acts as a great barter item if you get the opportunity to trade with others. Pick up one or two 5-pound bags and maybe some smaller amounts for trading.

  1. Vitamins

After the SHTF, you need to stay as strong and healthy as you can and your diet is not always going to be ideal (heck, it probably isn’t now for many of us). Having a good quality multivitamin is critical to help you get the level of nutrients your body needs. Plus, a couple of bottles of vitamins are easy to carry around, even if you have to stuff them in your BOB, which you should.

  1. Seeds

Sure, you have your preps that you are tucking away for the first weeks and months of a SHTF event, but what about when all your food runs out? What about when you survive past a year and need to start looking at other ways to feed yourself? Seeds are small, light, inexpensive, and can keep you alive in the long-term. They are invaluable and you should stock up on a few different types.

  1. Fire Starter

You need at least one method of Starting a fire. Getting yourself a good fire starter kit is critical for your survival. With fire you can stay warm, cook your food, and boil water to purify it, all of which will literally keep you alive. 

    Information is your new best friend once the SHTF. If you know what is going on in the world, in your city, and in your neighborhood, you will be far better able to deal with it and survive. A radio that will work without electricity, either a hand crank radio or a solar power radio, is critical.

    1. Walkie-Talkies

    Let’s face it, when the SHTF, there is a good chance cell phones won’t work. Do you have a backup? Communication is critical during any disaster, whether it is short- or long-term, and you need to be prepared with a method of communicating with the other members of your group.

    Ham radios are pricey, but it is easy and inexpensive to pick up a high-quality set of walkie talkies. Add some Sharpies and a system of symbols and pre-planned message locations and you have a backup form of communication that works when you are on the move.

    1. LED Flashlight

    You absolutely need at least one flashlight for each member of your group. It helps you see in the dark and can be used to deter animals and attackers and signal for help. You can also set up a system of signals to use in your group, providing you with a backup communication system. Plus, having a source of light just makes us feel better when we are scared.

    1. Weapon & Ammo

    You need some sort of defensive weapon. You have your loved ones to protect, which means also protecting the food, water, and supplies you have gathered. A gun is the best thing to have on hand. You should purchase a gun and the ammo to go with it, although if you don’t have your firearms license, no one will sell you one. You can also purchase a crossbow or another form of projectile weapon. They aren’t as practical as a gun, but they don’t require a license, either. Ideally, you should get your firearms license as soon as you are able to do so.

    1. Physical Preparedness

    Get yourself in good physical shape! Like I said above, people think so much about the things they need to prep, the items they need to stock away so they have enough, but often little thought is given to your own physical ability to deal with the shock of what comes after the SHTF.

    When an event happens, you will be under a lot of emotional, mental, and physical stress. You will get less sleep and will have a lot more physical exertion. You will possibly have less food to eat and what you eat won’t be what you have been used to. Even if you have a full stock of familiar foods for a few weeks or months, it will run out and you may need to ration at some point.

    Get plenty of exercise—now! If you aren’t currently in good physical shape, then start slowly, perhaps by walking every day, but start a regimen of exercise that will ensure you have the physical strength and endurance to handle what will come.

    When it comes to eating, you are literally what you eat, so be sure to eat well. You should also simplify your meals. Once things go sideways in the world, you will be eating more simple foods and meals. Foraged greens, some meat or fish you have caught, perhaps with rice you have tucked away. Do you have to give up all your favorite foods? No, but adjusting your diet now to get used to eating these types of simpler meals will make the transition easier later on.

    1. Mental Preparedness

    Your survival in any SHTF situation is going to be largely a mental game. The stress of the situation, of always having to think five steps ahead and how you are going to take care of everyone, will take its toll. It’s that simple.

    The people who will survive will be the people who have the mental capacity to not only refrain from panicking, but to stay positive. You will need to keep your emotions under control, think clearly, and do what needs to be done.

    You can train your mind through meditation, relaxation techniques, mental exercises, and even a rigorous physical training program that will push your mental limits, as well as your physical limits. Plus, just being as prepared as possible in all of the ways listed above will help alleviate fear and stress when disaster strikes.

    Must-Have Items for Every Camper

    There are some must-have pieces of gear that every camper should own. They don’t have to be expensive or from the top brands but if they serve their purpose well then it’s all good.

    A Solid Backpack


    In my opinion, a good backpack should:

    • have a lot of space so you can have all of your gear inside or outside.
    • be waterproof or at least to have a rain cover.
    • be made from a very good quality and tough material.
    • have an internal frame. I have back pain problems so I prefer backpacks with an internal frame.

    I own several backpacks that I use for my camping trips but for a year or so I’m using this one, I have it on green. It’s a solid backpack at a nice price at…/durable-hiking-camping-backpack .

    A Good Camping Tent

    I have a messy sleep and I toss and turn a lot during the night so that’s why I like my tent to be bigger. I own a very well made tent that I take with me on my camping trips and when I go fishing.

    It is very well put together and I never had problems with it on rainy days. I use the 2 person size and I love it. Check the exact model I have at (…/3-4-person-windbreak-camping-te…  

    Sleeping Bag


    I don’t do winter camping that often but I have this is a multi-season sleeping bag from for when I do. The bag is doing a good job of keeping me warm in the cold mornings near the lake when I go fishing.

    It has an envelope shape, it’s waterproof and it comes with a compression sack (which is super useful because it helps me pack the bag as small as possible If You Want The Exact One Hears a Link…/cotton-camping-sleeping-bag 

    Something For Floor Insulation


    In order to keep the cold from reaching your body, you will need something to put under your sleeping bag. What I recommend is to have a foam pad – that is a must for every camper. If you have more room (for example you are going camping with your car) you can take with you a self-inflating sleeping mat(I’m using this model from…/moistureproof-pad-waterproof-ou…).

    I like to use the self-inflating sleeping pad often because I like to travel light.

    I have this durable air pad that I can roll up and attach to the back of my backpack. It folds like an accordion, it is lightweight and it is protecting me from the cold ground very well.

    Camping Cooler

    I like my water cold and food fresh so that’s why I recommend This durable  camping cooler…/outdoor-car-cooler-box-ice-orga… . This is the cooler that I recommend to all my friends. It is made in US and it is extremely high quality.


    Let There Be Light

     Even if you don’t camp overnight and you just do daytime hiking, I think having a flashlight with you is a must. I owned a lot of flashlights and headlights over the time, some good and some very bad

    What I use now is this bright tent lantern and also this long lasting flashlight(check it out at…/3-colors-3w-tent-camping-lanter…) and This durable flashlight that I can use comfortably to my advantage for hours.

    Every time I’m going camping or fishing I take both with me, no exception. I recommend you to do the same: have a flashlight and Lantern and some extra batteries. 

    Knife or Knives

    Oh boy! Knives, I love knives. I have a lot of them at home and every time I go camping I have this big dilemma – “which knife should I take with me this time?!”. From time to time I take two or three knives with me to practice some bushcrafting.

    Usually, the winning one is a Swedish made knife. The exact model is Heavy Duty with carbon steel blade (check this out at…/high-quality-multi-function-kni…
    . There are other models that look the same as this one, But this one is unique because it also has a mini flashlight made on to it.

    This knife is a beast, it has a blade thickness of 0.125 inches (3.2mm) and it’s very tough. A Scandinavian knife (you know, Vikings) with a thick and tough blade at a very low price.

    Water Bottle

    Any water bottle will do. The lighter the better. I usually pick something with a lot of reviews Like this motivational 1L water bottle from…/500-1000-ml-1500-ml-water-bottle

    Rain Poncho

     3 in 1 Raincoat Backpack Rain Cover Waterproof Tent Hood Hiking Cycling Rain Cover Poncho Rain Coat Outdoor Camping Tent Mat

    If I get caught by the rain I always have in my back a rain poncho (rain jackets will work also but I prefer ponchos). This model I use…/3-in-1-rain-cover-poncho-coat - check it out) It's resistant and it comes in many colors so you have a lot of options to choose from.

    Camping Cooking Gear

    When it comes to camping, fishing, hunting, bushcrafting or any outdoor activity, in general, there is one general truth: we have to eat. We can’t skip this part. I love to cook at home and even more so when I go outdoors, so I recommend buying a camping cooking set – I'd recommend this complete cooking set…/travel-hiking-cookware-bowl ) since it comes with a lot of accessories:

    • 1L nonstick pot + pot cover
    • nonstick pan
    • 2 bowls
    • a folding spork ( a spork it’s a 2 in 1 fork+spoon)
    • soup spoon
    • wooden spatula
    • a cleaning sponge
    • travel bag for all the accessories
    • + marshmallow making guide eBook with recipes.

    This set is selling at a very reasonable price. Check out the price on, you won’t regret it.

    Fire Starting Kit


    If you cook you will need some items to start the fire with. A simple lighter will do the trick but I prefer to have some backup in case the lighter will break. I also enjoy learning and practicing survival skills so that’s why most of the time I try to start the fire without using a lighter.

     I replaced the lighter with an Emergency Fire Starter Key Chain, one that I’ve got from . This kind of fire starter is not mandatory but it’s a nice to have and play with. Primitive peoples, the ones that discovered fire, where using a system like this one…/useful-emergency-fire-starter.

    • Waterproof match key chain(this is perfect in case of emergency when all the fire-starting tools above fail).
    • A normal lighter

    Try to start the fire without the use of a lighter or matches because it’s a nice survival skill to learn.

    Liquid Soap

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    For washing your hands or washing the cooking utensil you will need some soap. Because you don’t have a lot of water at your disposal it is good to use a soap without synthetic detergents. I’m using this soap with vegan and organic ingredients (Amazon link) for some time because I want what is best for my skin.

    Tip: use a smaller container when you go camping

    Solar Charger for Your Phone

    Solar Power Bank 10000mAh Double USB Solar Batterycharger External Battery Portable Charger Bateria Externa Pack for smart phone

    When you go camping in the woods your phone battery will die at some point. Having a solar charger with you is a good idea. You can charge your phone, camera, your rechargeable lantern and so on.

    I use a 10,000 mAh solar power bank (check the exact model I have from wildlifemerch, here…/10000mah-double-usb-solar-batte…)  . It’s waterproof, it has 2 USB ports and built-in led lights that can come in handy in your tent or in every situation. It charges my phone very fast and sometimes I use it to charge my eBook reader.

    Solar Camp Shower

    Nothing fancy here, any will do. I have This 5-gallon solar camp shower from (…/20l-portable-outdoor-solar-camp… )

    Mosquito Repellent

    There’s nothing worse than being attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes. I go a lot for fishing near the lake so for me, mosquitoes, protection is a must.

    There are devices that make a protection zone around you from insects like this portable mosquito repellent from Wildlifemerch, Heres a link to the exact  one here (…/outdoor-portable-ultrasound-mos…

    I have an insect repellent like this one – insect repellent spray – in my backpack all the time and of course, some citronella candles. The candles will give you some extra light also.

    I am confident the above gear will come in handy in your future trips in the great outdoors, our hunter-gatherer genes will surely snap out of their dormant state and help you with the rest.